Be Not Afraid: God's Amazing Provision for the Anxious Heart


Be Not Afraid: God's Amazing Provision for the Anxious Heart


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Jesus said, "Do not worry about tomorrow..." yet fear, anxiety and worry cloud many days and nights even for those who strongly believe in God and desire to trust Him. How can we, as Christians, take our concerns to our Father and find relief for our anxious hearts?

God has provided the all-sufficient Scriptures to bridge the gap between godly desires and everyday struggles. His Word reminds us not only that He has compassion on our fearful hearts, but also that He is powerful and has provided all that we need. This inductive-style study presents life-changing truths from God's Word that are a strong help for our fears. By coming to know more of God and His amazing provision, we find abundant help for all our worries, concerns and anxieties!


  • Inductive study with 8 lessons

  • Each lesson is divided in two different ways in order to accommodate a variety of study schedules. The course takes eight weeks for those completing five "days" of study per week. It takes 16 weeks for those completing one "part" per week.

  • 100 pages

  • Workbook-style pages fit into a standard 3-ring binder (not included)

  • Individually shrink-wrapped

  • Audio lectures to accompany each lesson are available on our resources page.

  • Leader's Notes are available for this study.

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