Joshua: Living Daily in the Strength of the LORD


Joshua: Living Daily in the Strength of the LORD


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In the midst of life every believer faces challenges, decisions and changing circumstances. However, as Joshua learned long ago, the one thing that never changes in life is our ever-present God Who gives abundant hope, strength and courage. Because this study of the book of Joshua exalts the God of Joshua, it powerfully equips believers to live in the strength of their LORD and to pass on life-giving truths to the next generation. 

Inductive study with twenty-two lessons and five days of homework per lesson. Other features of this course include:
• Memorization activities and helps
• Shorter study options
• Discipleship tips

305 pages.
Workbook-style pages fit into a standard 3-ring binder (not included). 
Individually shrink-wrapped. 

Downloadable leader's notes are available for this study.

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