Knowing the God of Jonah


Knowing the God of Jonah


The account of Jonah doesn’t just tell us about Jonah and his interactions with sailors, large fish, and Ninevites! Rather, it tells much about the God of Jonah: the God who spoke, Who demanded obedience, Who commands nature, Who taught, Who loved, and Who saved an entire city that deserved His wrath. Through this important narrative, the Lord of Creation reveals Himself and His character in many ways. Knowing the God of Jonahfocuses on the attributes of God revealed in this story: attributes relevant to believers, unbelievers, those faithfully following Him, and those in rebellion. This study examines truths about God that have deep and lasting applications to life, ministry, marriage, parenting, and discipleship. 

Inductive study with seven lessons and five days of homework per lesson. Other features of this course include:
• Memorization activities and helps
• Shorter study options

113 pages
Workbook-style pages fit into a standard 3-ring binder (not included). 
Individually shrink-wrapped. 

Recommended whiteboard layouts for this study are available for free download from our site.  These notes are intended for use in courses where a leader records answers to discussion questions on a visual aid such as a chalkboard or whiteboard.  They are less extensive than the Leader's Guides and Leader's Notes we sell for other studies, but they are still helpful!  

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