Living Faith: Embracing God's Plan for Your Life When it's Not the Life You Expected


Living Faith: Embracing God's Plan for Your Life When it's Not the Life You Expected


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Some of the hardest times to live by faith are when God places us on an unexpected path in life. It might be a life situation that is different than those experienced by friends or family members; or it might be a set of troubles that we had not planned to face. It might be singleness, childlessness, unemployment, disability, depression, homelessness, a rebellious child, an unhappy marriage, a chronic or life-threatening illness — and the list could go on and on. When we walk these unexpected paths, it is not unusual to experience difficulties beyond the situation itself. We might find it difficult to feel connected to family, friends, or members of our church. We might experience frightening feelings of spiritual dryness and isolation. We might even struggle with difficult (but important) questions about God and His work in our lives. Using the examples of faithful living (and the work of our ever-faithful God), this inductive study of Hebrews 11 encourages believers today to persevere with their eyes fixed on Christ no matter what their paths may hold. 


• Slightly shorter study requirements: each “day” of study is one two-page spread.
• Inductive study with eight lessons
• Five days of homework per lesson.
• 135 pages
• Paperback

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