Graduation ceremonies abound this time of year! You can even see them on the news right now!!

This past Saturday I attended the graduation ceremony at my children’s school. Because my children go to a small Christian school, we know most of the high schoolers pretty well, and it is especially meaningful to watch them grow and go out in to the world.

My own son is a junior this year, so I watched and listened this year with extra interest, knowing that it would be my family celebrating this time next year.This ceremony was different than the ones I’ve seen clips from on the evening news. Our students were not encouraged to “reach for the sky” or to “follow their dreams.” Rather, the speaker exhorted them to be submissive.

He explained that this was not a popular concept in the world today, but if they would be submissive to the Lord, then they would be successful in their next phase of life–whether that be college, a job or military service. He gave them sound Biblical advice on being a good student, employee or soldier, and he explained that putting the Lord’s ways first would indeed make them successful.

I thought he gave them very good advice and that it was applicable to all of us in the audience that day. I look forward to watching those young adults and hearing from them in the future.