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 Be Not Afraid: God's Amazing Provision for the Anxious Heart

Jesus said, "Do not worry about tomorrow..." yet fear, anxiety and worry cloud many days and nights even for those who strongly believe in God and desire to trust Him. How can we, as Christians, take our concerns to our Father and find relief for our anxious hearts?

God has provided the all-sufficient Scriptures to bridge the gap between godly desires and everyday struggles. His Word reminds us not only that He has compassion on our fearful hearts, but also that He is powerful and has provided all that we need. This inductive-style study presents life-changing truths from God's Word that are a strong help for our fears. By coming to know more of God and His amazing provision, we find abundant help for all our worries, concerns and anxieties!

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Living Faith: Embracing God's Plan for Your Life When it's Not the Life You Expected

While helpful for all believers seeking to live lives of faith, this course particularly addresses those on unexpected life paths such as singleness, homelessness, disability, divorce, and more.

Using the examples of faithful living (and the work of our ever-faithful God), this inductive study of Hebrews 11 encourages believers today to persevere with their eyes fixed on Christ no matter what their paths may hold.

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Featured Study: Arise, My Soul, and Pray!

Psalm 119 is well known for many reasons, including its length.  Yet what may not less well known is that all but the first three verses of this psalm are a prayer: the prayer of a believer who ardently loves and delights in the Scriptures. 

Over the weeks of this course, as you observe the life and prayers of this psalmist, may the Lord give you a greater delight in Himself and His Word, and may your heart be irresistibly drawn to prayer!

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